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To find the nearest Civil Registry dial 010 from a Spanish phone this connects to the local council who can provide details or visit the Ministry of Justice website. The couple should contact the Civil Registrar to find out exactly what documentation will be required as there are regional variations. Some provinces are stricter than others regarding the laws of residency. If the couple are not Spanish citizens, then one of them must have been a legal Spanish resident for the previous two years. So in effect, foreigners can not legally be married in Spain.
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To make your application for a civil wedding in Spain, get in touch with the Civil Registry Registro Civil or district court where your marriage will be held. This will be the registry or court nearest to where you live in Spain. You'll' obtain the expediente matrimonial, the document where the couple meets the requirements to marry.
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Where to process it. At the Civil Register where the marriage was celebrated or the Central Civil Registry Office if the marriage was celebrated abroad when at least one of the spouses is a Spanish citizen or obtains citizenship after the wedding and habitually resident in Spain. Data declaration form PDF. Main Civil Registry Offices. Civil Code, approved by Royal Decree on 24 July 1889. Civil Register Act, dated 8 June 1957 BOE Official State Gazette dated 10/06/1957. Articles 238-272 of the Civil Register Regulations, approved by Decree on 14 November 1958 BOE 11/12/ 58 and 21/01/59. Law 11/1981, dated 13 May, modifying the Civil Code. Law 30/1981, dated 7 July, modifying the regulation of marriage in the Civil Code. Law 35/1994, dated 23 December, modifying the Civil Code regarding the authorisation for civil marriage by mayors. Law 13/2005, dated 1 July, which modifies the Civil Code as regards the right to get married PDF.
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As a non-national, there are only two ways you can be legally married in Spain.: Getting married through the Catholic Church. Civil ceremony if you or your partner have been a Spanish resident for at least 2 years. Other facts to note.: Civil and Catholic ceremonies must be carried out in legally approved locations or churches. You may have a blessing non legal ceremony in your place of worship or any other location. You may have a legal ceremony in Gibraltar UK requirements to be met followed by a symbolic ceremony in Spain.
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Skip to main content. Tell us whether you accept cookies. We use cookies to collect information about how you use GOV.UK. We use this information to make the website work as well as possible and improve government services. Accept all cookies. Set cookie preferences. Youve accepted all cookies. You can change your cookie settings at any time. Coronavirus COVID-19 Guidance and support. Births, deaths, marriages and care. Marriage, civil partnership and divorce. Getting married abroad. If youre a British national getting a marriage or civil partnership abroad, you might need certain documents from the UK government, for example a certificate of no impediment CNI. Use this tool to find out how to get the documents youll need. Youll need to contact the local authorities where you want to get married to find out what you need to do. Your marriage or civil partnership will be recognised in the UK if both of the following apply.:
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Marriage Documentation Required. Venue viewing day book with us today. Marbella Wedding Angels. Planning Your Wedding. Just the Two of Us Gibraltar. Marriage Documentation Required. Venue viewing day book with us today. You are here: Home / Our Services / Marriage Documentation Required. Marriage Documentation Required. There are 4 options for getting married in Spain.; Civil Ceremony in Spain at least one party must live/own a property in Spain. Civil Ceremony in Gibraltar followed by a blessing in Spain. Catholic Church Ceremony. Civil Ceremony in UK followed by a blessing in Spain. Documents required for Civil Ceremony in Spain. Birth certificates full version. Passports full 10 year photocopies as well as originals. Residencias if you have one. Certificate of Empadronamiento proof of Spanish address. Divorce Papers with apostille stamp if applicable. Previous Marriage Certificate if applicable. Freedom to Marry Letter apply in person to British Consulate takes approx 21 days. All documentation issued in UK must be legalised by Foreign Commonwealth Office Non UK residents should apply to equivalent in country where issued.
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the average age at marriage for a Spanish man varies between 36.1 to 40 years old. How can same-sex couples get married in Spain? Spain is one of the European countries which legally recognized the same-sex marriages. The marriage of a same-sex couple can be done through a civil partnership, which is recognized in most of the Spanish autonomous regions; our team of Spanish lawyers can advise with in-depth information on the formalities necessary to complete in this case. Through a civil partnership, the couple can obtain a wide range of rights, which are also available for couples getting married through a civil ceremony or through a religious one. Thus, they can have the right to adopt a child, property and inheritance rights and other associated benefits. If you are interested in finding out other steps that should be completed when getting married in Spain, you may contact our Spanish lawyers. Our law firm in Spain can help you submit the documents for the civil ceremony and can offer tailored advice on the legal procedures for Spanish weddings. Meet us in Madrid.
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What to Buy. About Us Editorial Guidelines Newsletter Contact Us. Visit our other Spruce sites.: The Spruce Eats The Spruce Pets The Spruce Crafts. Design Ideas by Room. Home Tours Staging. The Spruce Best Home Paint. Introducing One" Thing: A New Video Series. The Spruce Gardening Plant Care Review Board. Kitchen Repair Reno. Bathroom Repair Reno. The Spruce Renovations and Repair Review Board. What to Buy. How to Get Married in Spain. Sheri Stritof has written about marriage and relationships for 20 years. She's' the co-author of The Everything Great Marriage Book. Learn about The Spruce's' Editorial Process. Pablo Area García / Getty Images. Whether you're' residents of the U.S. who are traveling in Europe or one of you lives in Spain, you might decide you want to get married there. Some rules for doing so depend on whether at least one of you is a Spanish citizen. You'll' have to work with the Spanish Civil Registry in the area where the native spouse resides to ensure a smooth wedding if one of you is a foreigner. Here are a few other requirements to keep in mind.
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Spain is consistently voted one of the top wedding destinations abroad by brides in Ireland and the UK. Its abundance of idyllic locations, from sandy beaches, to traditional pueblo villages, historic cities and hilltop olive groves, provide the perfect backdrop to all sorts of wedding celebrations. Warm sunshine and long evenings with dramatic sunsets complement the beautiful scenery and romantic settings. Additionally, Spains relative proximity to Ireland and the UK under three hours flight time makes it much easier for couples planning their nuptials, and their guests. And of course, the availability of several Irish and English wedding planners in Spain, plus a plethora of other English speaking wedding suppliers, puts many a couple at ease when planning the biggest day of their lives in a foreign country. Catholic weddings celebrated between foreigners in Spain are considered valid under Spanish law and therefore are recognised throughout Europe and the United States. However, other religious ceremonies conducted in Spain, for example Jewish weddings, will not considered valid in your home country without a civil registry and so a legal marriage will need to be signed in your country of residence.
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Because of its proximity to Spain, which has many more strict regulations surrounding marriage of foreign nationals, Gibraltar is popular with couples who usually enjoy their honeymoon later in either Spain or Morocco. Foreign nationals wishing to marry in Gibraltar must apply for a Special Marriage Licence.
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If you wish to have a religious ceremony in Spain, via the Catholic Church, you can do so, but this must be as well as registration of the marriage with the Civil Registry. Civil ceremonies in Spain. Documents you will need for a civil wedding in Spain.
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Dont forget that if either party is not entitled to get married in Spain for whatever reason, then Gibraltar may be considered, as British citizens do not need to be residents in order to marry. A special marriage licence is granted by the Governor of Gibraltar and the ceremony is conducted in English. Look out for part 2 in next months Costa Cálida Chronicle when we will continue looking at Weddings in Spain, including some traditions, same-sex marriages, children of the marriage and also divorce. jwdes 2011-07-12T1627250200: July 12th, 2011 Categories: LIVING IN SPAIN Comments Off on Getting Married in Spain Part 1.

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