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You are here: Home Family and Relationships Getting married Getting married abroad. Getting married abroad. Rules for getting married abroad. How to get a Certificate of Freedom to Marry. Ensuring your marriage is recognised in Ireland. If either you or your partner is an Irish citizen and you plan to get married abroad, you will need to meet certain legal requirements to ensure your marriage is legally valid legally recognised when you return to Ireland. You may also need to bring certain documentation with you. When you get married abroad, you must meet all the legal requirements of the country you are marrying in. These legal formalities are usually different to those in Ireland. You should contact the civil registration office in the country you are marrying in to find out exactly what is required.
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I am getting married abroad and require my birth extract authenticated. How do I go about this? I want to register my foreign marriage in Scotland. How do I do this? Follow us on: Our Blog. Scottish Archives for Schools. The Scottish Archive Network. The Scottish Register of Tartans. About This Website. Copyright and Disclaimer. Glossary of Terms. Where to Find Us. Download Acrobat Reader Scottish Government website: The UK Government website: All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3.0, except where otherwise stated.
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I have written this blog with all the need to know information regarding wedding ceremonies in Spain for both legal and symbolic ceremony options. How to get legally married in Spain. As a non-national, there are two ways you can be legally married in Spain. Catholic Church Weddings. The basic requirements for this are straightforward. At least one partner in the couple has to be Catholic. Neither can be divorced. Other religious marriages such as Protestant, Jewish and Muslim marriages may be celebrated in Spain without requiring a second civil marriage. Provided the celebrant is legally allowed to officiate at weddings and previous authorisation from the Civil Authorities is obtained.
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For those marrying in a court house, the procedure itself is the registration. A marriage certificate certifying the date, time, place of the marriage and details of themarried couple will be issued by the Civil Registry. Note: Spanish nationals who marry outside of Spain must register their marriage in Spain.
Marriage in Spain.
the average age at marriage for a Spanish man varies between 36.1 to 40 years old. How can same-sex couples get married in Spain? Spain is one of the European countries which legally recognized the same-sex marriages. The marriage of a same-sex couple can be done through a civil partnership, which is recognized in most of the Spanish autonomous regions; our team of Spanish lawyers can advise with in-depth information on the formalities necessary to complete in this case. Through a civil partnership, the couple can obtain a wide range of rights, which are also available for couples getting married through a civil ceremony or through a religious one. Thus, they can have the right to adopt a child, property and inheritance rights and other associated benefits. If you are interested in finding out other steps that should be completed when getting married in Spain, you may contact our Spanish lawyers. Our law firm in Spain can help you submit the documents for the civil ceremony and can offer tailored advice on the legal procedures for Spanish weddings. Meet us in Madrid.
FAQ: All you need to know simple legalities about getting married in Ibiza Ibiza Spotlight.
One or both of us are registered as residents in Ibiza what are my first steps to organise a wedding? You will need to contact the Spanish Civil Register Registro Civil. You will find them located on Avinida Isidoro Macabich in Ibiza Town. This is where you will make your application to marry. Although you will marry in a civil ceremony, you can of course follow this with a blessing in church or hold a spiritual ceremony at a location of your choice. We are a Same Sex Couple, what options do we have? Spain has passed legislation that ensures all same sex couples can have a legally binding civil ceremony here if one of you is registered as a resident. Alternatively you can choose to have a blessing ceremony following your civil marriage in your home country. We are renewing our vows, what kind of ceremony can we have? If you are of the Catholic Faith then contact your local priest who will outline your options and act as liaison with the Catholic church on Ibiza. For non-Catholics both the Spiritual Ceremony and the Anglican Church Religious Ceremony are available.
Marriage Requirements for Spain. love.
Necessary Documents: Valid passports; completed application form obtained from the Civil Registry or District Court; apostillized" birth certificates; Spanish translation of birth certificates made and authenticated by the Spanish Consulate or Embassy nearest your place of residence; apostillized, certified divorce and/or death certificates accompanied by a Spanish translation if one or both parties has been previously married; certificate of residence; proof both parties are free to marry. This Is the Most Popular Month to Propose Around the World. Note: You must be at least 18 years old to marry in Spain. The documents listed above are generally required, but there are local variations so check with the Civil Registry or District Court in the place where the marriage will be celebrated before assembling your documents. Civil Registries have a document couples may sign when presenting the rest of their documents to prove both parties are free to marry. Americans who are temporary residents of Spain may execute an affidavit regarding their place of residence before a consular officer to obtain a certificate of residence, but in some autonomous communities it may be required that one of the parties be a citizen or resident of Spain.
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You can hire Wedding Planners to take care of the detail and paperwork on your behalf in return for a modest fee. Legal requirements for a marriage in Mexico. People under the age of 18 may not get married in Mexico without parental consent. With parental consent, boys have to be at least 16 and girls need to be at least 14 years of age. Foreigners getting married to foreigners.
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Some locations require one Witness, while others require both. Witnesses should not be family members and must certify that they know the parties who are getting married. Whats more, they also will make a statement that the couple is marrying of their own free will. A locals tip mentions that registry offices can be quite busy, so it is best to get their early in the day if at all possible. Once the paperwork is filed, it will be displayed at the office for 21 days. In some places, this can only be accepted if one of the applicants has been a resident there for at least 21 days. The interview for marriage in Spain. After the intention to marry has been displayed for 10 of the 21 days, the couple can set an appointment for an interview, which could take up to six weeks to be held. In this interview one, or both, of the applicants will be interviewed separately and asked a variety of questions. These questions are phrased to ensure that the couple are genuine applicants. Another option for foreigners.
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Baptismal certificates for each party, issued from the parish of your baptism and dated within six months prior to your wedding. IE if your wedding is in May the date on your certificate must be within the six months prior to this December of the previous year May of your wedding. Confirmation certificate issued from the parish of your confirmation and dated within six months prior to your wedding. Permission from both your Parish Priests to say that you may be married outside your own parish. Fe de Solteria y Vida Letter of Freedom to Marry A formal letter from your parish priest that states that you have fulfilled your Premarital course requirements. This letter should also include permission from the priest that you are free to marry in a Catholic Church elsewhere. The priest will forward this on to the local Archbishop who will prepare a cover letter. Your priest or Archbishop will forward these documents on to the local bishop in Spain who in turn will let the church you are to be married in know that everything is in order.
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All Portugal Tours. All Spain Tours. Things to do in. São Brás de Alportel. Ericeira, Peniche Mafra. Viana do Castelo. How to Get Legally Married in Portugal. 1 800 672 0517. 1 800 672 0517 351 289 009 580 44 808 189 0647. Request a Quote. Algarve wedding legal requirements. Everything you need to know to get married in the Algarve.
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We do our best to provide accurate and up to date information. However, if you have noticed any inaccuracies in this article, please let us know in the comments section below. Published by The 30 teammates strong squad comes from a plethora of countries. List of Spain's' guide articles. 6 years ago. hiya, what about marrying a non eu citizen and me myself are not a holder of a spanish passport but am living in spain? 6 years ago. hi can you help about Getting married in Spain? How has COVID-19 changed life in Spain for expats?

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