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Read The Wedding Guide UKs tops tips for getting married on Gibraltar. So just how do you get married in Gibraltar? Gibraltar is a spit of land off mainland Spain. It is not an island. You can walk or drive across the border very easily.
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Civil Marriages in Gibraltar. In Gibraltar, the marriage between a man and a woman is provided for under the Gibraltar Marriage Act. Under its provisions it is possible, by means of a Special License granted under Section 13 of the Act, for residents and non-residents alike to marry in Gibraltar without the need of having to reside in Gibraltar for any length of time, although for administrative purposes a minimum notice of 1 working day is required. It also enables civil ceremonies to be conducted at approved locations outside the Registry outside working hours and at weekends. If you are resident in Gibraltar and your intention is to get married in a place of worship or in the Marriage Registry without a Special Licence, you will need to give notice of your intended marriage either to a Minister registered under Section 5 of the Act or to the Marriage Registrar, whichever is applicable.
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UK Call: 020 8150 2010. Non UK Call: 00 44 20 8150 2010. 44 020 8150 2010. Spanish Probate Blog. 020 8150 2010 Contact Us. How to Get Married in Spain. It is estimated that there are more than 300000, British living in Spain. Thus, many of them are married in Spain but how does it work? Is it easy? You will need some paperwork. How could we live without paperwork? Not at all, lets recognise that we would miss all those cute documents! This is what you need if you want to get married in Spain.: Marital status certificate. Registration of residency: You do not need to be a legal resident to get a registration of residency from the city council of your town.
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We organise civil ceremonies, blessings and religious ceremonies. Can I get married in a Church even if we are non residents and of non-Catholic religions? Of course if you want to get married in a Catholic Church then at least one of you must be Catholic. We can arrange an English-speaking priest. Its not necessary to be residents of Spain, in order to get married in a Church. If you are a Protestant then its possible to be married in a Protest Church, even though protestant ceremonies are not recognised legally, it is possible to arrange an English-speaking Protestant priest to give a blessing ceremony. We are also able to celebrate Jewish ceremonies, although a Kettubah will need to be obtained beforehand from your Rabbi. We can arrange an English-speaking Ashkenazi and Sephardi Rabbi if it is required. How much will my wedding in Barcelona cost me? This al depends on the vision you have for your Barcelona wedding.
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You can have a Catholic Church Wedding in Spain if you are both practicing Catholics and can prove baptism, Confirmation etc. A LOT of paperwork is involved so you really need a local Wedding Planner unless you speak good Spanish. You cannot have a Civil Wedding Register Office, Hotel, Beach etc. unless one of you is a Spanish resident you can only have a Blessing following a UK legal ceremony. Edited: 8 years ago. Report inappropriate content. 2 helpful votes. Re: can i get married in spain if im brittish? 8 years ago. most british people have a registry office service in the uk often without telling their friends and then have a blessing at the wedding in ibiza. Report inappropriate content. for London, Devon.
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Luxury Weddings in Spain. How to get married in Spain if you are British. Posted on 06.09.2018 30.10.2018 Author Leona Bryan Categories Blog. Many couples dream of getting married abroad, but they are put off due to fears of complication and not understanding the necessary processes however fear no more! In this post we have selected important information regarding getting married in Spain if you are British to help you feel more prepared for the experience and at Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz, we can help you for the whole process. There are a couple of legal requirements for couples to marry in Spain, the first being that both bride and groom must be aged 18 or over, and the couple must not be related.
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Where one of the parties to the forthcoming marriage is resident in the UK and will be coming to Spain for the marriage ceremony they should approach the nearest Spanish Consulate in the UK for full information. If proof of UK residence is needed, a letter can be obtained from the local Electoral Registration Office. All documents that are in English have to have the Hague Apostille on them. You can find further information on this subject on The current fee for the Apostille is 19 for each document. If you go there in person this process takes about 2 days. If you send the documents by post it takes about 2 weeks and you need to send an extra 2 for postage and packing. All documents must then be translated into Spanish and presented at the relevant town hall at least 3 months before the planned wedding. It is important to bear in mind that paperwork can be lengthy and time consuming and forward planning is imperative, especially when you re getting married in the summer.
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Inheritance Wills Videos. Getting married in Spain. 14 December, 2016. Know how to formalize marriage in Spain. Marriage between Spanish and foreigners increase year after year. Spain is also a great location for foreign couples to tie the knot. If you are planning to formalize your marriage in Spain, there are a number of requirements and documentation that you will need.:
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Civil non-religious weddings may slightly vary in any of the 17 different regions within Spain, however typically getting married in Spain under civil law would take place in the local town hall by a registrar and is only agreed and confirmed on a case by case basis.
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Planning the Perfect Destination Wedding in Spain. By Lindsay Gregory. Theres no denying the increasing popularity of destination weddings, nor the recent explosion of wedding services here in Spain why spend time worrying about the Great British Weather and crazy expenses, when you can whisk yourselves off to the glorious sunshine for a wedding to remember for all the right reasons? We recently caught up with Lucy and Jesus in Benalmadena Pueblo, who just launched the latest addition to the Spanish wedding scene, swapping their high-paced London lifestyles for the utterly gorgeous Boutique Wedding Co. Tell us a bit about your wedding planning service. We offer couples getting married in Spain an alternative type of bespoke wedding planning service; we dont offer packages or try to shoe-horn our clients into an existing services, everything we create is unique to each couple. We want to help create the dream Spanish wedding day from start to finish, delighting our couples and their guests with a perfectly planned, organised wedding, executed with style, grace and taste!
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Who can marry in Spain? While Spanish law does allow for the marriage of couples who are both foreigners, in reality, it will be difficult at best to find a locality where it is possible. The one exception seems to be a Catholic wedding in a Catholic Church. The rules of marriages are truly decided by the municipality in which the couple desires to get married.
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So thats it! As you can see, contracting a legal civil marriage in Spain is not a romantic process and the majority of couples seek a beautiful wedding ceremony after they are married to celebrate their union. Remember that a marriage and a wedding are two different things the marriage being the legal contract and the wedding being the ceremonial celebration. You can have your marriage and your wedding at the same time, or on different days and in different countries that is what we call a destination wedding. For the ultimate wedding ceremony in Spain that blends together what is important to both of you in terms of.

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